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The Lost Ones

The Lost Ones
 As children of the sun we're God's chosen people
 Lost in Babylon forgot that our power's unequalled
 Taken to idolizing the false ones while they idolize us 
Twerking while tanning, praying for lip injections and big butts
 Placing a premium on skin that's the lightest just because it's closer to being the whitest 
Denying the beauty that exists in ebony so you try to sex away your very essence 
Cause nobody wants a black baby with a nappy head and 
Saying, "It's just a preference" when we boast about not being attracted to darker hue-mans
 Throwing out the word darkie or blackie to our brothers and sisters like it's a sin for their skin to be full of melanin 
Wandering in the wilderness with no Moses to lead us to Canaan 
Blind to the cycles of self hate we propagate then we wonder why we've been forsaken 
Eating up the oppressors lies thinking it's really manna from heaven 
So any approach to combat their attacks can only be taken half stepping 
Cause our real problem lies with us and our attitude of, "In all white things, I trust." 
Taking our kids out of black schools and leaving black neighborhoods to get away from people who look just like us
 Looking down on those whom we deem "too black" with disgust Too urban, too ratchet, too hood and too ghetto
 As if our ability to transcend these stereotypes will ensure we're successful Will ensure that our black children won't have to deal with black issues 
That they will be judged on merit alone like Dr. King wished for
 That type of thinking is merely wishful 
This nightmare will continue and the realization of the dream won't get any nearer until we recognize that the true devil is the one staring back at us in the mirror

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Loved Ones

Loved ones

Born into this world

So innocent

Bonds start to build and break

With both love and neglect

We accept those for who they

Portray themselves to be

And shun them once they disagree

With our thoughts and what

We stand for

We’re ready to go to war

Not willing to explore

The things we don’t understand

It’s not something that’s planned

We love with conditions

Whether blood or bonded

Through experience

Our loved ones

The ones who despite it all

Stand with us

Even when we fall

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Broken Hearted

By: FP Earson

Broken Hearted 


Broken hearted doesn’t mean

That your heart is really broken

It means your heart has just closed up

And you don’t know when it will open 


You told me that you loved me 

So I slowly let you in

I guess nobody’s ever told you

That lying is a sin


You told me that you’d never hurt me

And you’d never do me wrong

But as quickly as you picked me up

You seemed to let me down


And just kept on turning tricks

While I was looking like the clown

Sending me falling into darkness

With my life now turned around 


All those feelings of betrayal 

Led to drowning tears of pain

It made me stop and wonder

Would I ever see the sun again


You got caught up in your games 

And you saw the tears I cried 

The pain was so intense- it hurt so bad

I thought that I would die


Facing new waters- uncharted 

Circled back to where I started

As I patiently am darted

In a direction much more guarded


But it truly is okay

Was for best that we two parted

Even though my soul is aching

As I lay here broken hearted